Marketing beliefs: do you even have any?

When last did you stop and really think about what you believe works in marketing and what doesn't?

When it comes to myself, I know I'm usually too concerned with solving a brief or planning a film production to think about this kind of thing. But I feel that knowing how to articulate what you believe about marketing can help make better decisions - on various levels - going forward.

I have 3 beliefs about marketing that no one can change my mind about:

  1. There’s no single, definitive recipe for success - even the most successful Apple, Nike or Rolex marketing strategies & campaigns won’t necessarily work a second time.

    To hit on a big idea, they would have made a few failures before it. Their success comes from a combination of deep analysis, and huge investments of time, money and commitment to their message.

    Digital media allows us to track metrics and distribute assets more accurately to target audiences, but it DOES NOT spark interest in your brand.

  1. The marketing landscape is constantly evolving - technology and cultural shifts in the world change people. Fact. So accept it and adapt your communication as needed. If you launch a successful campaign, at the very least, incremental changes will be needed to reach that same success level a second time.

    It’ll never be an identical result because it's never an identical world. So don’t ignore that motion, instead start investing more time looking ahead in order to be ready for the next trend coming in your industry.

  1. The best marketers are the curious ones - The beauty of marketing as a whole is that anyone can do it. Unlike becoming a medical practitioner or an architect, the only qualification you need is to be interested enough to learn. It’s the ultimate meritocracy.

    If you want to be great, make marketing an intuition. How? Write blog posts. Make videos. Analyse success stories from other categories. Hire people from other industries. Keep a sense of the latest news in the world. Above all, be different. Because being better doesn’t differentiate your brand enough. It’s assumed that everyone in your industry wants to be the best, it’s like asking an Olympic Athlete why they are competing.

I hope these thoughts help you make better decisions in your organisation.

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All the best, Dario Nucci