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We specialise in marketing and film production for sports and luxury brands.

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The Alpha Studio specialises in making brands shine through exquisite film and marketing campaigns that reach new audiences. Through our experience and personal approach, we supercharge our clients' brand awareness by fusing the creative DNA of big agencies with the resourcefulness of a film production company.


Alpha's 20+ years of experience have taught us that having great relationships with out clients is the most important ingredient for achieving success. It's at the core part of everything we do, and it's why we put so much passion into our projects.

1. Learning by listening: To create work that evokes emotion and communicate the true values of your brand, we dive deep into your unique business goals. This phase is about your outlining your needs based on tonality, past work, and your past successes too.

2. Creative collaboration: Developing great ideas works best when working towards a mutual goal. We refine the balance of heritage, design, glamour, and ultimately seduction. All in search of that single message that perfectly satisfies your goals.

3. Specialised production: Drawing on our international pool of talent, we’ll shape the best team for your project. Our suppliers are trusted specialists with vast experience in their fields, maximising the possibilities of your budget and timing.

4. Seamless delivery: We provide full post-production management including editing, grading, retouching, sound engineering, voice-overs, and formatting for of all deliverables. This is the last mile that requires focussed attention at the highest possible quality.

De Bethune is an ultra-luxury watch brand that produces timepieces considered to be at the absolute cutting edge of human engineering and craftsmanship. Seeking Perfect takes a rare look inside the world of watchmaking through the eyes of Denis Flageolet, the master behind these creations. See the full project here.
OMEGA has been the Official Timekeeper of the Olympic Games since 1932. Brand ambassador, Michael Phelps, gives a rare and personal perspective on his 24 year career, and comments on the next phase of his involvement in the Games. See the full project here.
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MAURICE LACROIX becomes sponsor of Mahindra Racing Team, and Official Timekeeper of Formule E. Lucas DiGrassi and Oliver Rowland tells us about their racing challenges and goals.
"Dario was an absolute pleasure to work with on Seeking Perfect. The timeline was fairly aggressive for a short film, but Dario left no stone unturned. He is extremely thorough in his approach and is a great collaborator. I'd highly recommend Dario for any creative needs.” – Kyle Ferino, Creative Director, WatchBox.
MAURICE LACROIX delivers a brand campaign celebrating their athletic ambassadors and friends in a fun, lighthearted and honest series that focusses on encouraging viewers on the path of success. See the full project here.
the alpha approach

We guarantee 100% commitment, from creative to production. Alpha is the secret weapon for brands to plug into their workflow.

Thee secret strategies for creativity

In a constantly evolving career, embracing fresh perspectives and avoiding industry clichés is crucial. This article highlights three secret strategies I’ve learnt through doing hard time in the creative industry.

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Rolex: Tarnishing the crown Pt2

My personal opinion on the state of watchmaking as affected by Rolex and its growth in size and power. I believe their industrialisation is leading towards less experimentation and less inspiration within watchmkaing.

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Rolex: Tarnishing the crown Pt1

Part one of two pieces where Dario Nucci comments on Rolex's acquisition of international retailer, Bucherer, and the negative effect on the watch industry.

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Marketing beliefs: do you even have any?

I've thought about my 3 top beliefs on marketing, and I feel that articulating what your beliefs are, can help you make better decisions in the future, whether on brand strategy, investment or even your own career.

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The 3 reasons filmmaking should be done backwards.

We all see filmmaking as a linear process, I suggest you should think of it backwards. Here are 3 crucial things you should know from the beginning, if you want good results at the end.

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"I really value the relationship I have with Dario, on a personal and professional level. We've worked together for some time now. He helped create our brand identity, and pushed and challenged me in a way that always made the work better. He has an insightful, curious mind and the creative work is always better for it. He is not easily satisfied and will relentlessly seek out the right way. If I have any creative challenge, Dario is always my first call.” – Robert Herman, Founder & EP Ruffian LLC