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Ultra deep

the world's deepest dive, ever.

In 2019, adventurer Victor Vescovo piloted the Limiting Factor submersible to the five deepest places on Earth. Traveling 39,000 miles to each of the 5 oceans brought a number of firsts. Particularly, he broke the world depth record of -10,925m / -35,843ft when the team reached the Challenger deep in the Mariana Trench, Pactific Ocean.

Since OMEGA partnered with Vescovo and the 5 Deeps Expedition, my role was to bring this story to life for OMEGA, helping them show off their engineering muscles, as well as their pioneering spirit. As creative Director, I developed the communication plan including social media roll-out. I handled the editing and post-production.
This partnership had so many aspects to it that it was difficult to find a place to start. Among the exploration achievements there were others too: the re-usable submersible design, the ocean science possibilities and also OMEGA's previous heritage in sea exploration.


Creative Director / Director: Dario Nucci
DOP: Matt Verola
Photography: Matt Verola
Motion GFX:
Brett McManus
RoDo Works

scenes from the movie

Victor Vescovo looking over bow
overhead shot of sub
Route map
Ultra Deep watch prototype
closeup of watch
Vescovo inside sub

Social Media

Dr. Kathy Sullivan

Astronaut and ocean scientist

Victor Vescovo

Expedition leader and adventurer

A message from the bottom of the sea

Victor Vescovo and Dr. Kathy Sullivan read a letter from OMEGA CEO Raynald Aeschilmann, congratulating them on reaching the ocean floor, acknowledging Kathy as the first woman to go to get to -10,500m below sea level.

5 protoypes made for the journey

5 prototype watches were designed and built especially for the 5 Deeps Expedition. Amazingly, OMEGA engineers designed and manufactured them in a record time of just 6 weeks. "While extensive lab tests and simulations are carried out on the timepieces, you never truly know you have succeeded until you ocean test them" - Gregory Kissling, Head of Product development at Omega.
Watch view
Sub resurface at sunsetWatch strapped to mechanical arm