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video manuals

watch settings made easier

In this project we took traditional watch manuals online by making a series of YouTube videos that are simple and clear to understand.


Creative & editing: Dario Nucci
Motion GFX:
Nigel Upchurch
Music: Simon Ringrose

the series

The videos are available on or OMEGA's YouTube channel. A customer who buys a watch is able to find instructions on setting their timepiece by looking up their model name or number.
Starting in 2013, this was a huge step online for the company, and showed their commitment to improve the customer's after-sales experience.
The project had two challenges: Make the manuals easy to understand and make them look good.
We even went so far as to match the ticking frequency of the second hand as it moves around the dial - its important because each model is individual this way.
Internally this collection of videos is used as a reference and training tool for shop staff and customer service.

Project overview

In total, the video manuals series spans 32 videos and has been watched over 3 million times by customers that we hope have come away feeling more informed and brand loyal.