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Since 1894

125 Years of Omega

It's a little known fact that OMEGA is one of the oldest watchmakers in the world. Having invented and perfected many technologies over the years. Featuring brand ambassador Eddie Redmayne, we celebrate 125 years of OMEGA and look back at the inspiration that sparked the company we know today.


Creative Director / Director: Dario Nucci
Production: ADB Agency
Photography: Damon Baker
Set design: Michael Sturgeon
Post Production: RoDo Works

Creative & film director

My role extended from concept, script writing, directing, editing the commercial cuts, art-directing the stills shoot and producing all of the social media material. Phew!

Alpha went a little further and designed the campaign logo, print layouts and wrote the copy. On this project, our logo even appeared on the back of the limited edition watch!

from another era

Set in a plush, velvet covered environment, we created a setting reminiscent of a different age. An age when good manners and craftsmanship were the order of the day.

Who better than an Oscar-winning actor to express the deep values and importance of this occasion? Always a gentleman, Eddie brought his elegant theatrical talent to this period setting.
In this adlib interview setup, Eddie was free to articulate how he felt about the era in which this watch was born and what it meant to him. He really got into character and imparted some turn-of-the-century fashion advice: how to wear a pocket watch correctly!


A link to the OMEGA 125 years project page.

keeping a modern feel

During the interview session, we found time to take a few stills with photographer Damon Baker. Damon brought an energetic fashion flavour to the shots, making sure that a subject of this nature didn't feel old and dusty. Although Eddie wore a tweed suit, reminiscent of the Victorian age, we chose a distinctly modern cut to keep him looking sharp.
Did you know: Ω (Ohm) is the last letter of the Greek alphabet? It symbolises the end of a great journey, the pinnacle of achievement.

125 year old pocket watch

The OMEGA calibre and name

The project started by releasing a series of pocket watches recreated with parts from 1894. Normally dubbed "new-old stock", the parts have been in OMEGA's storage for 125 years!

This particular timepiece eventually gave the company it's name. It was called the "Omega calibre" because it out-performed every other timepiece, in terms of accuracy and reliability, on the market at that time. It raised the standards of the entire industry and changed manufacturing processes forever. It was so popular that it was decided to name the entire company after this model.

the anniversary edition

the red trésor

This red Trésor was finished in gold and features a commemorative logo designed by Dario Nucci, celebrating OMEGA's 125 years of excellence.