The Alpha Studio

Small Core, Big Ideas

Alpha Studio is a new style of communications agency designed to meet the evolving needs of global brands.

Built to scale easily around a dedicated core, Alpha is always the right size for the project at hand. Never too big, never too small.

Alpha offers clients a new kind of relationship that is based on mutual respect and is free of dependency. Thanks to our nimble structure, we are able to engage brands honestly and without concern for our budget lines.

Strategy and content creation is what sets us apart. With experience in all media, from old to new, Alpha prides itself on crafting stories that catch the eye, spark intrigue and awaken the mind; stories that are of value to both the brand and its audience.

Alpha is made up of two elements: Creative Director, Dario Nucci; and a pool of creative talent from around the globe. Together they bring big ideas to life.

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2017 was a great year for Sergio Garcia- he won his first Masters tournament after 74 attempts. Incredibly, he's never missed a single masters tournament throughout his career - "That's got to be a record" he said.

For this film, we arranged 74 golf balls in a grid on tee one. Each one symbolising a tournament to which Sergio recounts a memory or fact. Amongst other things he speaks of his love of football and the changes in his personal life that led to his win.

Director: Richard Bullock 
Creative: Dario Nucci 
Production: Hungry Man 

The film was shot on location in Switzerland's highest golf course Golf Club Crans Sur Sierre. It was a perfect day in June and the views from that altitude were spectacular.

Did you know that since the air pressure is so low up here, golf balls will travel an extra 7% further compared to that at sea level?