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The Speedmaster watch has been on 23 official manned space flights spanning the Mercury, Gemini and Apollo programs. Then it continued through the Shuttle program of the 80s and 90s and International Space Station endeavour still running today. Now known as the "moonwatch", the Speedmaster is without doubt the most iconic of all chronographs having proven itself under the toughest conditions.

As official watch supplier for over 50 years, OMEGA are the single longest running contractor to NASA.

This project celebrates the Moonwatch and the extraordinary achievement of the 400,000 people who first put humans on the moon. The challenges they faced is a story still compelling today. We started with a film featuring George Clooney in conversation with astronaut Charlie Duke to recount his experience from mission control of the Apollo 11 mission.

Creative Director: Dario Nucci
Richard Bullock
Hungry Man
Haris Zambarloukos
Photography: Matt Holyoak
Motion GFX:
Brett McManus
RoDo Works

The 12 minute documentary was shot at Kennedy Space Center in Orlando, Florida - the heart of the action when it comes to space travel in the 1960s and 70s. Still today, there's nothing else like it and modern space travel is focussed here too. NASA is a place of cutting edge technology but also a heritage site It's this mix that makes it the perfect backdrop to a story that touches the world and all of its people.

George and Charlie start off their meeting in the firing room, exchanging memories while surrounded with the original control desks used to monitor rockets launches since the very first space programs. During the Apollo 11 mission, Charlie Duke was the designated CAPCOM, the sole communicator to the crew, who's distinctive Souther drawl can be recognised in the archive voice transmissions during the landing.

They later walked under a full size Saturn V rocket lying horizontally, the equivalent of 36 stories in length. Through a dazzling run off of figures, Charlie explains to George, stage by stage, what happens during a launch and puts into perspective the unbelievable feat of getting people into space.

Charles Duke (below) was designated CAPCOM of Apollo 11, he was the voice of NASA who relayed vital information to the crew as they travelled to the moon and finally touched down on the lunar surface.
His first-hand account of those historic moments brought a unique perspective on the world at that time.

Simple but effective: the project logo design below was one of the most widely used assets because it quickly summarised the project on any piece of campaign-related content. It appeared on film, social media, at the launch event, VIP gifts and countless other promotional objects.

The print and billboard layouts were clean and simple and focussed on "that moment of reflection". The selection of OMEGA ambassadors were photographed by Matt Holyoak and were lit as if to represent the light of the moon. This simple approach led to some classic looking images which are modern and clean, yet reminiscent of a 60's film look.

The colours tell a story: While the gold elements appearing throughout the campaign serve as a link to the celebration being a golden anniversary, they also draw focus to OMEGA's limited edition gold Speedmaster remake for which they developed a special alloy called "Moonshine Gold™.

Everything else was kept black and white to echo the starkness of space and particularly, the moon's surface.

"Beautiful view. Magnificent desolation" - Buzz Aldrin


The Instagram thumbs below are a small selection of the social media material created for this project.

In total, there were 169 separate images and cuts made, filling 60+ posts and stories. Alpha used a combination of live action, photography, motion GFX, audio excerpts and archive space footage all working together as one incredible story.

Thanks for checking out this project - it certainly was a pleasure for us to work on and wish all briefs could be this epic. Thanks again to the team and everyone involved in the making this happen!