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Alpha Studio is a new style of communications agency designed to meet the evolving needs of global brands.

Built to scale easily around a dedicated core, Alpha is always the right size for the project at hand. Never too big, never too small.

Alpha offers clients a new kind of relationship that is based on mutual respect and is free of dependency. Thanks to our nimble structure, we are able to engage brands honestly and without concern for our budget lines.

Strategy and content creation is what sets us apart. With experience in all media, from old to new, Alpha prides itself on crafting stories that catch the eye, spark intrigue and awaken the mind; stories that are of value to both the brand and its audience.

Alpha is made up of two elements: Creative Director, Dario Nucci; and a pool of creative talent from around the globe. Together they bring big ideas to life.

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Featuring Eddie Redmayne as brand ambassador, we celebrate the inspiration that sparked the company known today as OMEGA.

Did you know: Ω (Ohm) is the last letter of the Greek alphabet and symbolises the end of a great journey, the pinnacle of achievement.

Creative Director / Director: Dario Nucci
Production: ADB Agency
Photography: Damon Baker
Set design: Michael Sturgeon
Post Production: RoDo Works

Set in a plush, velvet covered environment, we created a setting reminiscent of a different age. An age when good manners and craftsmanship were the order of the day.

Who better than an Oscar-winning actor to express the deep values and importance of this occasion? Always a gentleman, Eddie brought his elegantly poised theatrical talent  to this period setting.

In an adlib interview setup, Eddie was free to articulate how he felt about the era in which this watch was born and what it meant to him. He was even inspired to impart some turn-of-the-century fashion advice: how to wear a pocket watch correctly!


OMEGA launched with a recreation of the original pocket watch from 1894 which was sold as part of a limited set of 18 rare pieces. Each timepiece used original new-old-stock parts found in the archive vaults of the workshop. It continues to be an impressive piece of watchmaking.


During the interview session we found time to take a few stills with photographer Damon Baker.

Damon brought an energetic fashion flavour to the shots, making sure that a subject of this nature didn't feel old and dusty.


Alongside the pocket watch release came the special edition Trésor created by OMEGA as an homage to the anniversary.

On the caseback is a vintage style logo crated by The Alpha Studio as a campaign identity.


The challenge was to design a logo to help clarify that this anniversary celebrated the name of the company, OMEGA, and not the start of the company itself - that can be traced back as early as 1848. It's a confusing difference, but an important one for OMEGA to clarify since fans and consumers alike are very conscious about details. Alpha designed a logo which unified all executions across media.