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Olympic timekeeping

the first olympic timekeeper, ever

This 15 min presentation was made for release to journalist before the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2021. The intension was to tell the definitive story of OMEGA's Olympic partnership, first formed in 1932.


Director & writer: Dario Nucci
Production: Artaban Films
Music: Maxime Steiner

connecting history

As watch nerds and brand enthusiasts ourself, Alpha decided to make this corporate film as consumer-facing as possible. The result? Even some of the employees were blown away by the depth of OMEGA's participation in the world's biggest sports moments.
As a way to connect the storyline which starts nearly a hundred years ago to today, we used a real letter written by the Olympic committee of 1932. Normally displayed in the museum, the letter thanked OMEGA for their participation and value in those Games.
To have the most definitive information possible, I asked the top 3 brand speakers to give us the facts. The head of the OMEGA museum who is a well-established authority on watchmaking history. The head of the Olympic Timing division who spoke about recent advances, and of course the president of OMEGA.
The letter spoke of their remarkable contribution to sports, and acknowledged OMEGA's high quality equipment. A great theme which is just as alive and important today as it was back then.

scenes from the film

The film was a made by mixing archive footage and fresh material shot on location in Bienne, Switzerland. We filmed at the Omega museum and timekeeping timekeeping factory.

"It's amazing to finally see OMEGA's history put in context. From the very beginning, we can see that dedication and innovative spirit still carried through to today's events".