The 3 reasons filmmaking should be done backwards.


When it comes to filmmaking, many people perceive it as a linear process—picking up a camera, scouting locations, and capturing interviews, b-roll, or product closeups. However, I believe that for your film to have maximum impact, you need to approach it backwards

In this post, I share three key factors that I consider essential for successful filmmaking:

1.Know Your Audience:

As a filmmaker and marketer, the audience is everything to me. I aim to evoke emotions, impart knowledge, or inspire action through film. To achieve this, understanding the end viewer becomes fundamental to the process, as they guide the film's structure, style, and narrative. Create your film with someone specific in mind, whether it's a person you know or a fictional representation. Visualize what will make them laugh, or what will captivate their interest.

2. Define Your Media Plan Early:

Crafting a targeted media plan is crucial for getting the best exposure for your film. Working backwards from your ideal audience demographic, use that information to select the right outlets, and avoiding the ones not necessary. Normally I would focus one distribution platform to supercharge your efforts, and funding. It could also affect your production cost by knowing exactly how much content you need to produce.

3. Let Your Audience Define the Budget:

While filmmaking has become more affordable than ever, it's essential to align the level of production quality with your audience's expectations. Viewers tend to have a strong sense of what aesthetics suit them, and you’ll need to cater to that through an appropriate budget allocation. Therefore, imagine the end result you need to satisfy your customers, and make sure it fits within the budget you have in mind.


Producing content without a clear purpose or intended audience often results in a hit-or-miss scenario, leaving your team confused and potentially wasting resources. So start thinking of the end result you are after. By proactively considering your end target audience, ideal budget, and distribution plan, you can achieve the best results for yourself or your clients.

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