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new speedmaster

upgrading a legend

The Speedmaster is a watch unlike any other. It's been worn by some of the worlds more courageous explorers and been part of world history. It goes without saying that it also has a very dedicated following of fans. When it came time to upgrade it's mechanism with modern improvement we wanted to make sure it kept it's original soul.

HEADING 30 50 Black

Directed and edited by: Dario Nucci
Post production: RoDo Works

space legends

Without doubt, the key purpose of this campaign was to reassure Speedmaster fans that the new version would retain all of the character of its legendary predecessors, and improve only it's functionality and reliability even further.
The Speedmaster was used on all manned Mercury, Gemini and Apollo flights during the 50s, 60s and 70s. It was on the arm of every person who walked on the moon.
It was also an opportunity to educate and excite other watch fans of the Speedy's history. With an eye on the historical moments it was involved in, we interviewed these 3 key figures of NASA's space program of the 60s and 70s. Themselves, living legends.
Charlie Duke was the communications officer during Apollo 11 landing and later walked on the moon himself with Apollo 16. Jim Lovell flew 2 Gemini and 2 Apollo missions, most notably surviving the Apollo 13 disaster.

commander jim lovell

NASA engineer jim ragan

the challenge

It was the beginning of COVID and since these men are all over 80 years old, health and safety was naturally a concern. Each shoot was conducted by a local crew who I briefed individually beforehand. Since special effects and locations were heavily limited, we concentrated more on content and message.

my role

Aside from managing the project, I also wrote the interviews, arranged the shoot which were in 3 locations around the USA. Later I edited the footage and delivered the material in various lengths for social media and YouTube channels.

my approach

The message had to be interesting, and make use of the special access we had to these three men. So our intension was to make a simple and down to Earth collection of films (excuse the pun) whoosh were informative and made th e viewer appreciate how heroic those endeavours were.

the result

I'm proud of the outcome because it fits within the OMEGA brand tone. It s always a privilege to interview people like them because they loved historic moments, and capturing their impressions feels like recording history.