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snoopy goes to the moon!

the flying ace

Snoopy was created by Charles Shultz in 1950 along with the rest of the Peanuts comic strip gang. Since Schultz was an avid space fan and supported the Apollo program of the 60's wholeheartedly, it's no wonder that Snoopy went on be chosen as NASA's mascot for quality and safety and appeared in various space-themed strips as "The Flying Ace".

Snoopy reaches his dream

Snoopy reaches his dream... when he falls asleep and flies to the moon! This commercial features the Special Edition Speedmaster watch which celebrates 50 years of OMEGA's Silver Snoopy award.
We used a traditional animation sketch technique blended with live-action footage to take Snoopy out of his world and onto the watch.

30 sec TVC

Directed by Dario Nucci
Animation by Lightstar Studios
Music by Tijany Bacci
Live action Artaban
Post production RoDo Works

omega's snoopy connection

The Silver Snoopy is a special honour given to employees and contractors for notable contributions to safety and mission success. The award is always given personally by NASA astronauts and consists of a small silver lapel pin flown during a NASA mission. In 1971, OMEGA received the Silver Snoopy for the Speedmaster's role in rescuing the astronauts of the Apollo 13 disaster.

award presentation

Astronaut Tom Stafford personally presents OMEGA technical chief Hans Weidmar with the Silver Snoopy award.

original silver snoopy pin

This pin, made in sterling silver, is kept at Omega's museum in Bienne, Switzerland.
The Silver Snoopy award represents "outstanding achievements related to human flight safety or mission success"

apollo 10 call sign

Since Apollo 10 was the final "dress-rehearsal" before Apollo 11's attempt to land on the moon, safety and public approval was of high importance. To help raise the popularity of the mission, Commander Thomas Stafford suggested naming the Lunar Module Snoopy and the Command Module Charlie Brown.
It was a risk to be associated with such dangerous missions, but Snoopy helped NASA become more approachable to the public and his courage outlook inspired many more years of space travel.

Launch day: 18th MAY 1969

Thomas Stafford, Commander of Apollo 10, taps Snoopy's nose for good luck while heading out to the launch pad.

a unique watch design

To commemorate 50 years of the Silver Snoopy, OMEGA designed a Speedmaster like never before, featuring an animation of Snoopy on the case-back.

The Speedmaster is most famous for it's accurate tachymeter (speed timer) and the animation is activated when the wearer presses the start button. Turn the watch over and you will see Snoopy flying around the moon in his command module.

presenting the watch

For this special edition watch, we decided to film a full unboxing, hosted by OMEGA CEO Raynald Aeschlimann, and presented alongside historical space objects from Omega's museum.
This was a fun production, shot all on OMEGA premises with local production company Artaban Films

official snoopy edition unboxing

Presented by OMEGA CEO Raynald Aeschlimann

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Watch design
Watch manufacture
Product demo
Making of animation
Stafford Interview
Product closeups

behind the animation scenes

The 50th anniversary Edition Speedmaster features an animated case-back depicting Snoopy flying past the moon. We wanted the TVC to link the craftsmanship of watchmaking and animation as it was done 50 years ago. Here's a behind the scenes look at the process.