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storelli women

find your secret weapon

For Storelli's release of their Women's range, we took a product-driven insight and made it personal. As the foremost sports protection gear developer, Storelli designed their women's range from the ground up. Aside from giving athletes protection against injury, wearing protective gear has shown a significant enhancement to performance since they fear less injury during the game.


Creative, editing & graphics: Dario Nucci
Photography: Sam Maller
Motion GFX: Brett McManus

in their words

Kristie Mewis
Shawna Gordon
Rocky Rodriguez
We all know that being what makes you more effective on the pitch isn't just something practical, it's also internal. A mind-set, or an approach that gives you a unique edge. Focussing on soccer, we asked four female athletes at different stages in their career to give us their insights in what helped them be different.
We filmed and interviewed the athletes at inner-city training grounds around New York. Without scripts, we let them express in their own words how to overcome injury, cultural challenges, and other set backs in their performance. They naturally gave us encouraging and insightful soundbites that used in all edits and still formats

social media

The film, audio interviews and photography were used in various combinations for this campaign. The tone was always kept clear, honest, encouraging but not pushy. In this female-focussed space, we were conscious that messaging can easily become misguided and "expectational". It was really important for us to make work which was informative andconfidence-building so that it could hopefully encourage any young female athletes over that tipping point, to have the confidence to go ahead and compete - as the next generation.
Google leaders
We created Instagram formats for each player in stories, feed 4x5 and square posts for partner channels.
Some of the widescreen formats were used on Facebook or as press shots.