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Racing towards the future

see inside the workings of a formula-e team

It's not widely understood, but the difference between Formula 1 and Forumla E is not just the internal combustion engine versus electric. The biggest differences are the sustainability and climate goals that Formula-E works within: everything they do must adhere to a number of travel, budget and carbon footprint restrictions that formula 1 does not have - and this makes racing much harder.


Directed & edited by: Dario Nucci
DOP: Zimmy Da Kid
Motion GFX: Martijn Rijven
For the start of Formula-E's 9th season, Maurice Lacroix reinforced their support of Mahindra Racing with a new team watch that pushed the limits of design, and brought their sustainability goals even closer.

Being a relatively new championship, part of the creative challenge was educating viewers about the demands faced by Formula-E teams in the pursuit of speed, and how EV innovation is accelerated through racing.
As a challenger brand in their own industry, Maurice Lacroix wants to be associated of this new generation of motorsports and support their race towards a better future.
The 3rd generation race car pushes the overall power up to 350Kw, taking its top speed to around 300km/h. To increase efficiency, the car is lighter and makes use a two motors instead of on, which means that a set of brakes on the back wheels are no longer needed since the regeneration resistance creates enough stopping power to fulfil their function.

my role

creative director

As project CD, I developed the idea and managed the content necessary throughout the production. Having realised early on the greater challenge of educating people on Formula-e, I knew that there were a number of complex messages we needed to get across for people to understand what makes EV racing so exciting.


The overall message was clearly focussed on the shared values of  Mahindra Racing and Maurice Lacroix. Innovation and the pursuit of performance made this partnership a perfect match, and this allowed us to explore notions of teamwork, training and how to defining success.

Editing and design

Having done the interviews, it was easy to extrude the storyline for the social media by editing the 3min film first. Dario handled the edit internally and then outsourced the title animation and colour grading.


We produced the 3min interview film and social media campaign by drawing material from multiple sources, with relatively low production cost and time. We shot the main interview at Mahindra HQ in the UK, with both drivers and simulation training. Then we used local crews to shoot the track testing in Valencia and mixed in some archive racing footage and motion GFX to round it off.

social media

We created 8 x 30sec social media edits which reveal various aspects of the Formula-E world. The focus of each edit moves through drivers, technology, car stats, simulation training, goals, challenges and ultimately ends with the AIKON #Tide Mahindra Racing Edition watch.
The title animations were created by Martijn Rijven of Bolt Graphics


With the introduction of the 3rd generation race car, Maurice Lacroix released the AIKON #Tide Mahindra Racing Edition watch, which pushed design and technology by producing a case which is made completely from recycled ocean plastic. The watch is light, extremely durable and tough enough to be worn by the whole engineering team.