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ocean heritage

a story that began in 1932

This four-part series outlines OMEGA's ocean story starting with oceanographer William Beebe. Since the very beginning, OMEGA watches have accompanied countless explorers, scientists and adventurers. This series attempts to cover the iconic characters and timepieces over this 90 year history by mixing archive footage with museum pieces filmed at OMEGA's HQ in Switzerland.


Creative Director / Director: Dario Nucci
Motion GFX: Brett McManus
RoDo Works
Episode 01 - As the interest in ocean science increases in the early 30s, OMEGA designs the first true waterproof timepiece which is worn by the world's most prominent biologist of the time.
Episode 02 - OMEGA commits to the ocean with a their first dedicated dive models, designed extreme conditions: the Seamaster series.
Episode 03 - The innovations begin to mount as OMEGA designs a variety of iconic models with new functions, worn by explorers and a certain British secret agent.
Episode 04 - After decades of experience in dive watch engineering, OMEGA produced a record-breaking watch, able to reach the deepest part of the ocean: the Challenger Deep.

scenes from the episodes

Social Media

EP 01

30 sec social media edit

EP 02

30 sec social media edit

Social media edits were made for each episode, in 30 second 4x5 and 15second 9x16 Story formats. The full series can be viewed on OMEGA's YouTube channel.