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Novelties 2021

the ALL-new models of 2021

For all you watch nerds out there, here's how we dealt with OMEGA's annual product release. The task was to present the new timepieces and technology in an engaging way – to a remote audience – released simultaneously around the world.


Director & writer: Dario Nucci
Production: Artaban Films
Music: Maxime Steiner

not just product shots

Originally intended for industry specialists, journalists and distribution partners, we used this opportunity to make a film that could also be watched by anyone interested in watches. Locations include inside the OMEGA assembly factory, the metal foundry and the museum. All presentations were done by OMEGA's own management, which added a sense of authenticity and self-confidence to the film.
As head of product development, Gregory Kissling is directly responsible for the designs of the new range - so who better to present the details?
Generally, the piece is intended to be informative and focus on showing off the new design features and technology. Besides shooting the products in many different angles, we felt that seeing them "in action" - being handled by a presenter - was a key aspect to appreciating them as an object.
This year particularly, we had more new materials and technology built into the new models than ever before, so having these explained was essential.

scenes from the film

"While we'd normally present all of this at a live event, face to face with journalists, we had to rethink our approach this year. It was important for us to keep that personal touch as far as possible".

speedmaster details

For the serious nerds out there... we made this extra section detailing the updates behind one important model.
The famous Speedmaster Moonwatch remake was much anticipated by the industry, and so it deserved it's own presentation.