A CORE-MODEL communications agency


What does this mean? It means our clients gets the high-level experience and thinking of a big agency yet only pay for the people they need. It means that each project is scalable depending on budget and priority. And it means that we operate more effeciently along the way - Small core = big ideas.

Alpha is headed up by Dario Nucci and is based in Italy (for now). Previously in Cape Town, South Africa and next in Cambridge, UK. Dario is the creative core of the agency and uses a network of talented people from around the world to produce projects. Every project demands different skills and Alpha pulsl in photographers, writers, animators, designers and developers (in fact anybody who is useful) to fullfill briefs in the best way.

Our main client is luxury brand Omega watches. They are based in Switzerland and we've worked together since 2010 doing their special projects. Over the years the relationship has gone from strenth to strength since Alpha has been increasingly involved in the company's biggest strategic and communications milestones.

Some strategy / work examples here.

We have advised on product design/releases, helped form social charity partnerships, push the branding spirit through history.

Dario has worked in marketing communications for 13 years. Has an art direction background. Blah blah. To see more of Dario's work and other experience go here.

Small core, big ideas.