"the black marble"

Inspired by a series of images and films taken by NASA satellites, the new campaign for OMEGA's Planet Ocean "Deep Black" watch takes a very crisp and beautiful approach to sell this watch.

The task was simple: show the beauty of the Planet Ocean's Deep Black ceramic finish. Even though this product was bound to be a hit with watch fans, we always try to layer the communication, at least in subtle ways.

It might seem simple enough, but the images in this campaign bring an observational perspective that gives us pause enough to appreciate our planet.
— Dario Nucci, CD

we made full use of earth's natural beauty and held back from over-art directing this campaign


For OMEGA, the images of Earth at night play right into the dark aspect of the watch's finish, but it also draws parallels between the Planet Ocean's natural environment being the ocean depths and OMEGA's heritage in the space program. 


The watch renders made by Nigel Upchurch were used for layouts of all kinds.