Since 1848 Omega have been involved in some of the world's most memorable events - on Earth and in space. This project uses print, film and Google Earth to tell their story. If you'd like to see the full 12 min version of the film, please send us a message. It's epic.

Director: Dario Nucci
Script: Paul Carroll
Editing: Carlos Fayder
Motion GFX: Brett McManus
Music: SayThankYou


See it at

The site provides a way of moving around the globe to every place that OMEGA's has touched during it's 168 year history.



Available in OMEGA boutiques and special events, this book gave inspiration for the entire project. In it, a reader can find OMEGA's most significant moments in it's history - exploration, technology and human endeavour - a story which the company is still adding to today.



With some simple branding the campaign easily lives on social platforms and keep updating with events starting from 1848 to the present.